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  • I tried sending a PM about your 245 for sale, but I don't think it sent. Maybe sending requires a post count on here. Lurked for a while years ago, then just got preoccupied. Anyway, If you could PM me an alternative form of contact, that'd be great. I may be interested in purchasing. Thanks
    Oh okay. If that is Jason Lee, hes a ex pro-skater who now acts. He's been in a bunch of Kevin Smith movies and was the lead actor in My Name is Earl.
    Don't ask Brett for advice regarding tickets. He has at least 6 warrants because of the way he handles tickets.
    im off sunday, if you want to work on the wagon.
    I could swing buy and pay you for the hotel
    id love to come help you on the wagon, just let me know.
    What car show? If im off sunday I would for sure go.
    No worries dude, You probably caught my cold. I wasnt feeling 100% down there either. Im good for sunday, we can work on your wagon. Hows the video coming?
    According to Mapquest, if me can meet in Emporia (95 south) at noon~12:30, we can make it to Montgomery by 8-8:30pm.
    What time are you able to leave Thursday? I think it takes 2-2.5 hours to get to Emporia.
    I'll call you tonight on my way home from work. (7:30-8:30ish).
    Had some Shorebreak pizza Sunday morning. It was great knowing you weren't there to spit in it.
    Ok chill were going to leave thursday then.
    Ill give you a call tommorow to get it all straight.
    The hotel is reserved for Thurs through monday morning. It's too far out of the way to drive back to Va Beach, but we should be able to find a place to meet on the way. I need to check Mapquest for an estimate on times & distance for travel. I don't know how long it will take us to get from DC to North Carolina, but that would be a good place to meet. Maybe in Emporia where you pick up 85 or 95 south.
    Hey did you reserve the hotel for thursday night aswell?
    If so were going to leave thursday then.
    Since your coming back down this way from dc maybe we could meet up and caravan. What time do you think youll be coming back through this area after DC?
    If I'm going to drive Matt, I'm going to go ahead & head down on Thursday. I'll leave here around 5am Thurs am, drive to DC, load up Matt's car then drive down to Alabama.
    If I'm going with you guys, I'll meet you at your place early Friday am.
    I'm looking forward to the drag strip, it's always a good time. I can't wait to ride in Kenny's car(s).
    We will be leaving around 3 or 4 Friday morning.I talked to mike the other day he will be at my house around 3 Friday morning, so If you come with us be here around then. I imagine if your taking Matt you would need to leave super early.
    The wagon is doing great, changed the brake pads and Aaron rolled the fenders when he was over the other day so no more rubbing. ill need to give you a ride when were there it pulls pretty good.
    Just let us know.
    Ive got to call about the trailer on monday.
    You ordered the hotel room?
    well have to pay our fees for it.
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