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  • Chips are from Fred, in Sweden. He's on the boards here, just search "Fred's Chips".
    Waiting for chips...Are you getting these chips from a Japanese maker over there? Would appreciate an web address, phone # to check out your seller. Thank you: 1992 240 N/A- very slow, and angry people in the rear view mirror all the time. Thank you www.davidbglens@gmail.com- nice pictures.
    Hey, sorry it took a few days to get back to you...

    Here's a link to what I posted when I put the gauge in, hope it helps.

    Gauge install

    Good luck, it's a pretty easy job.

    I'm putting my boost gauge next to the heater control like you did, and was hoping you'd give me some tips, tell me how you did it, what you'd do differently if you ever did it again... that kinda advice. i'd appreciate it, never tore my dash apart before...
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