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  • Hey Matt,
    Are you still on here?
    I was wondering if I could ask you a question about the multi link rear axel since you have more than 100% more knowledge than me in that subject.
    What is your opinion would that multi link work with the leaf spring replaced by coil overs?
    I'm debating this for a VOLVO project I'm starting that does not weigh as much as a 960 wagon.

    Thanks and take care !

    / sven :-) in Sweden - EU
    Hmmm I dnont think we know each other. But I do know your car if your from Omak.. Ur parents have a gold or bronze colored 740 and live up on the back edge of Omak right?
    soooo, tell me what jag wheels you have and how much it cost to have them machined. im liking those a lot...
    Hey, I had talked you a few months back if you needed any parts for your 240z. I've gotten to the point where I need to liquidate my projects. If you're interested I'm selling everything form that 260z for cheap. You could honestly have the entire thing for like 500. Or if you know anyone that wants a track shell or a parts car that's cool too. Figured I'd offer it up to you first before Craigslist.

    John Lyons
    you really hurt my feelings dude, I think I am gonna have to call off our relationship.

    It's all good. ;) at least your friend waved to me.
    It was an ok time. I cought up to everyone in Sultan but pulled over about a mile from Stevens Pass lodge. My friend shattered the bottom mount on his coilover and I had to give him a ride into Leavenworth. I got into Leavenworth at about 4:30 and could'nt find anyone past there. How was the trip for you?
    thanks, wish i didnt buy a cheap muffler= no more muffler packing. ill end up putting a magnaflow or somthing on next weekend.
    And then you saw the near-asshole side of me. Trust me, it's only if someone decides to be a bit**. lol
    ...i might be upside down.

    seriously though, i've been sitting here on the computer for like 5 hours. i'm pissed.
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