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  • I see that you've moved from Kingston to Toronto. I'm a Canadian who moved from Toronto to Grand Rapids, MI (hey, you go where the jobs are). I've got an 82 244TI and my daughter and her boyfriend are looking for a decent daily driver for not a lot of money. If I find a brick on craigslist or Tbricks in the GTA, would you be able to give me your opinion? Do you know anyone who's got a decent Volvo 244 or 245 or 745 for sale in Toronto?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
    Hey Simey my dad says thanks for the 10 bucks you left him at Dupont and Dundas last night. He really got a kick out of that.
    Hey simmy, keep your eyes peeled for my car. It was stolen on me last night. Thanks dood
    Anything coming up in the Ottawa-ish region? I'm so out of the loop. I wanna go to SOME kind of TB/Volvo event even if I only drive a damn-near-stock hooptie hahaha.
    Yo dood, I dropped my phone in Lake Ontario monday morning off the freaking canoe. I have been super busy as well. The strange part is when I call it, it still rings. I wish a fish would answer so I could get him to swim it up for the sim card. I'll drop by sat or late friday to see whats up.

    Right on, we'll set something up then. I can't meet up with anyone for the next month, seeing as I have a court ordered driving probation that's over at the end of April *sigh, so basically I'm set for the summer. We'll definitely have to meet up then. It's too bad I can't come help you get the other Volvo working, sounds like a good way to spend a weekend :)
    Kingston eh. Wicked close to me. We should totally set up a mid Ottawa/Kingston meet. An hour's drive max for everyone involved? Perrrrfect. Let me know if you're interested.
    aah sorry ill try to be on here more often. i dont understand it when im employed im on here everyday, and when i dont have a job i drop off the face of the earth. its backwards.
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