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  • Hi, sorry for the late reply.

    Yes I very well think that a 12CM HX35 shoud be able to hit full boost at 3500 on a redblock.
    Any progress so far?

    I am about to upgrade turbo from 19t to hx35. Here most hx35 are with 12cm which I think it is a bit big for my street racing application, 940se auto tran (stage 3 setup, 1.5 bar). But the 10cm housing is extremely rare here in Thailand. From your experience, how is the spooling if using 12cm turbine? I have greedy profec, elctronic boost control so I can adjust more boost than conventional boost controller. Is it possible to have hx35 in full boost around 3500 with 12cm, twin scroll header, and electronic boost controller?

    Best regards,
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