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  • Well scratch that, just auto part international now. i don't work for advance anymore. picked up a better job hah! got any pics of that 245 you workin on?
    You need some help with that screaming water pump? I just did mine recently and I get good discounts on parts. what part of bing are you living in?
    Cool man, I've been wanting to meet some t-brickers. I hear yah on the not a lot of people not being very "knowledgeable" about their Volvo's. Haha I hear you about the front wheel drive imposters hahaha, my buddy has one . Yeah, I did take care of my 3 cylinder issue, I just went up to Gary's U pull it and snagged a new head. It cracked the gasket and melted the head where 1 meets 2. What kind of problem do you have with brick? I may be of some help.
    universal Volvo Driver's Mutual Recognition Hand Symbol is the Vulcan live long and prosper hand sign right?
    Hey, the getrag 265 (model number) is stronger than the supra w58, but the supra r154 is stronger than the w58 (but also more expensive). the getrag and w58 are easier to make adapter plates for.
    LB... check out this site. It's good for your volvo knowledge training. It's called savarturbo and it's a Swedish equivalent to turbobricks, although much more advanced. I'm linking you directly to their "projects" page. There will be a test on this material.
    yeah- my NYS inspector license doesnt expire for another year...is there any way to ghetto an alignment?
    BTW... please let me know when you send out the the plates and reg. I need to lay up the bimmer for a few days to repair the center bearing.
    like literally go to the shop and do the inspection yourself?

    It still needs a front end alignment... don't forget.
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