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  • Yo... I duplicolored the trim on the 760 as you suggested... looks pretty dope! I posted some pics.... Nice car BTW.... I miss my 242!
    yo brotha, sorry I havnt gotten back to you Ive been pretty damn busy. We need to hang out next week for sure. Wagon has been driving better than ever, I just really need to buff the paint. I got some pretty sweet ass news im moving in with my brother In June. This house is awesome, 3 car garage thats seperate its gunna be sick dude.
    Later fool
    Hey man. I enjoyed my Canadian alot. I'll coming back to va in a few weeks again. I'll be alittle closer to nob this time as we don't stay in that hotel in p-town as 3 of our guys got jumped and 1 almost died. I'll prob be there for about 4 weeks then off to south Carolina then Florida.
    Yeah, I wants them trims! The right and left corners for the front bumper. If it's turbo then it should have no chromes on it....lemme know. THANKS. I'll let you know if I think of anything else...:)
    nah I havnt gotten it yet, I got those roof racsks it looks so baller.
    what are you doing to the 240
    I live in Hampton, Buckroe area to be exact. Just picked up an 85 740 like 5 days ago lol. Now trying to figure out how to get it low.
    I need a clutch for boot, a frame crossmember, a clutch/setup, and the console trim
    yeah, I am doing my wagon the right way, and already have HD's in the rear and TC's in the front, with Kilen Sport springs from FCP all around. The wagon will be my "baller status" car, I will have ecodes on very very soon, and it is low and tight, I will be doing a 960 moonroof, and probably 960 tails. I have an M46 waiting to go in, once I have acquired the rest of the parts for the swap, and now that I have the 240, I am thinking that I will +T the wagon. The 240 is to do everything wron on hahah
    hahah yeah, i just sliced 1 1/4 coil off of my fron Kilen springs in my 745, and I have a 244 that i bought recently and the plan is to slam it to beater status.
    hey mang, tell me about your suspension set up for the car in your sig!

    how did you get it so low, etc?
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