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  • regarding your transmission problem, i do not know what it is. i suggest you first start by replacing the gear selection inhibitor relay. is is under the dash, driver's side. very purple realy, can not miss it. other wise post up a thread to get some help.

    and about the engine predicament you have: boy oh boy that is some poop "luck". an engine only lasts as long as the operator's will to drive. have fun with the rebuild!
    hey guys hows it going. about a month ago i bought my 94 940 brick, stock 8valve 4cycl. turbo. didnt even drive it a month and the motor messed up. balance shaft bearing was shot, stop pumping oil, sprocket blew off and the motor went dead.
    granted the motor had 200k on it, but i was informed they run forever. the plan is to buy a used motor to put in now and rebuild the old one. i need as a daily.
    any help suggestions? thanks alot guys
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