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  • I have a complete M90 from dogfish FW to the driveshaft front half; new TDI clutch as well, 3 pedal set, everything except a new throwout release arm for 7/9. Nobody likes the price of $1800 which is exactly what I've got in it (cost). Came from a 95K mile British car.
    Hey Chuck -yep I think so. May go back next weekend for some odds and ends. Yeah I photo-document all the work on the cars as I go along, haven't gotten around to posting many yet though.
    nice meeting you yesterday did you get all the stuff you wanted off that gle ? do you haveany pic of your cars? chuck
    LOL soundmonster it's all good. Not only is this the internet it was TBOT, if I actually took offense to comments like yours I should just unplug my router right now. Honestly I had to look up your post history to see what you were talking about. I took it as a joke at the time, no harm done here.
    <- still making that face though
    1990 764 TIC/ '95 Squirter Block, RSI Stage II Cam, Nuke Cam-Gear, AW-71 w/accumulater Mod.
    TLAO chips, 19T turbo, Cosmo FPR, CX Racing Intercooler, 3" air, 3" stainless DP/.....What Cat?
    SMP SJ20 injectors, Airtex FP, Nathaninwa's Sheetmetal Intake.
    Boge Turbo gas (front), raised rear w/ IPD conversion springs w/ Nivos, IPD Front Sway, 3:73 rear end.

    1990 780 Bertone / -currently undergoing 16 valve motor build.
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