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  • hey.
    you better let me know when you are in town.
    or ill kick you @$$!

    HAHAHAHA yeah f***n right. youd kill me outright :lol:
    "you know how theres a pack of dogs? well what do you call a group of lesbians? ilike a uhhh, i cant even come up with something"
    that was weak dude.
    ill be there next year for sure.
    I guess dad talked to some dude, he owns a volvo place out in suffolk. Im bout to go to work check your email soon. Its a good low mileage aw-71. What price were you thinking?
    Why is the tranny 350? where are you getting it from? I have to go so E-mail it to me. The internet is ****ing slow balls.
    Why in the hell wouldnt it work, you jsut jinxed it im flying to japan and beating your ass if thats the case. haha yeah he has done one before and knows way more than me or dad so Im stoked. Damn tranny is 350.
    haha good luck I predict alot of cussing and hurt fingers. Then it's not going to work and you're going to be all butt hurt. And I'm going to laugh again. But really good luck dude it's cool you found someone to help you out. Makes it easier.
    Yeah, getting everything lightened as far as internals go is a must. Dude, we have to turbo it. When I get the turbo in the garage in my car we can put on the 13c in the 242 and then maybe a 15g.
    Yeah the 16v stuff came in. Nothing for the LS1 though. Hell yeah cant wait to start on the 242.
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