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  • Hi.

    Sorry to bother you, but I have some questions about the setup in your 945. Its an Automatic right? Did you do any changes to the gearbox to handle the higher HP that the car is producing?

    And by the way, your 945 is absolutely amazing to look at.

    Sorry for any bad spelling, I'm from Denmark.

    Thanks for the help
    Hi, I'm curious what you did on your suspension on the 945. I have a 745 I'd like to upgrade, but not sure if I want the ride of tourings or HDs
    SquareD, I live in STL and heard you know people that know bricks. Just moved here and the timing belt just failed on my 1993 945T. Looks like tensioner failure. Need to find wrencher ASAP as this is my primary. Any assistance much appreciated. 210-374-6539
    Whats up man. I added ya to friends. I want to check out that go-fast of yours sometime. -mark
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