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  • I read an old post saying you build whiteblock adapter plates, still making these? I'm down in salem and really need a answer to my project. (971) 218-7616 -Josh please give me a call when you get a chance
    Hi was reading an OLD post from you regards to mounts for a B23et into a 140 series volvo. Can you give me any information on these please?

    Hello Jonathan,

    I read you have built B20 engines using a roller camshaft
    Was it the AGAP -cam ?
    I am also considering to use such a cam, but would like to know which experience others have using this type of cam.
    As far as I heard the lifter bores need to be sleeved to avoid lifter wear, and the axial cam travel needs to be completely eliminated using a bearing.
    Any tips/tricks, experiences would be greatly appreciated


    Jonathan, I'm having a problem with RSI pistons I need help with. Cannot reach anyone at R-Sport. My email is paulmcurran@gmail.com, my phone is 413-478-1275. Please contact. Thanks, Paul
    Hi, I saw that you are working on a round tooth adj. cam gear? If so, any idea when they will be available? I was just about to buy a square tooth one & change all the gears, but I'd rather keep the round setup. Let me know. Thanks, Paul
    Hi Jonathan, I'm after a set of pistons and maybe rods for my 8v B230 turbo. I'm in Australia, what would P&H cost me? Cheers
    Hey Jonathan, I was wondering if you could give me a quote for installing a getrag 265 in my 740. It currently has an aw
    I did a search and saw you had some TPS adapters. Do you have one that I can put a LH 2.4.2 (potentiometer) TPS on a 2.2 TPS (WOT and idle only) throttle body? Thanks.
    to r-sports international HQ

    what other products do you have in stock now that could substitute the 98mm crank that might pop up in early 2012 :\

    i need a getrag adapter and cometic mls headgasket
    Hi Jonathan where are you i can not contact you?
    A long time passed by the payement but there is no info from you_?
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