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  • Stiggy,
    This is Jeff,the other saab guy on here.my 91 945 turbo was wrecked and I will probably try and sell the car complete instead of parting it.
    I value your opinion so I want to ask you what you think I should ask for it.a quick description
    Car was hit in front,hood,bumper,fenders ,lights, gone
    170,000 mi excellent maintance
    601 red,black leather int
    Really nice interior except headliner and steering wheel
    The airbag went off!! 24 years still worked!
    She really was one of the cleanest 940's I've seen
    Completely stock so their are no performance goodies to pull
    I sold hydras last year, it's on steel wheels
    What do you think?
    How is that viggen you picked up?
    Thanks so much, your advice on dealing with the insurance company helped.
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