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  • Hey man, I saw that you had one of the sunvisor things, apparently called 'gangster caps'. I was wondering if you were in the states of it you knew where to get one without it being a $500+ expensive and shipping it from Europe. Those things are awesome!
    Hey mate I just wondering if your going to the jdm meet I'm thinking of taking the 740 (or can you let me know the next one you go on I would love to see your 245... If ya keen
    It would be so nice if you could do that! I'll send you a private message with my email adress, so you can send your pictures if you've found 'em.
    Hey man, I was wondering what you did to "the HAWK" to fit that old front in? I'm thinking about giving my '86 the same front. Was it a hard job?
    hey mate, i found that mag with your car in i was telling you about.. ill send you some pics...

    but they say your wheels are steelies..

    mag is the: 2011 january edition fast 4s
    Hey man, do you know where I could purchase a Streetkarnage sticker, and if they come in smaller sizes?
    it is one of the most beautiful volvo i've seen... its the first volvo i ever saw in a car mag..and you are one of the people who made me want to build a volvo in the 1st place.. great build mate..

    are those widened steelies?
    I was wondering a lot of things, your blog has heeps of **** to do with america, and i love that. About you rims and where you got em, info? they are dopest thing ever. Ride height and all that. I'm kind of ignorant when it comes to wheel displacement and stretching tires for that look. Maybe you could help me? I used to live in australia but I live in America now, how ever, i wanted to know if you knew Nigel. He's pretty well known drifter.
    Leme know.
    just a track hey, that should be out of the normal... I drive a mazda bravo dual cab 4x4, needed somewhere to put my moto on and tow boat at the same time. I think I might buy another Volvo for ****s and giggles, Just can't find the right one. Do you know anywhere where I could drive a 240 as a low class rally car?
    Hey I got offered the right price for it and I sold it. I kept the licence plates and Virgo's. Hows your sr20det treating you?
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