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  • Hello. I've also got 2 heads. The one I think you would really be interested In is a b21ft head which was a victim of detonation. Valves all look good I can guarantee but head is complete and would fall in the cheap category . Let me know if interested. I'm in Clayton NC and will be passing through Grensboro this weekend could drop it off . Wade
    Are the pistons in nice condition, not scored or anything? I said yes to the other guy, but I would like to buy yours. What is your paypal address? I can't PM. luke.j.ball(at)gmail.com
    Haha, thanks. I actally have a mint interior from the 245 I was forced to part, I sold the seats for stupid cheap without considering that I should swap them in my current wagon as temp replacement to keep the leather seats perfect. Plus door cards seem to be stupid expensive to ship.
    How much want to let them go for? are 22 and 23mm? and will this make a dramatic difference in handling vs. the stock ones I have?
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