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  • Thanks, i love the 960!
    I might even like it more than the turbo cars.. they are so much more luxurious and quieter .. yours doesn't look bad either .. very clean!
    Hey man, its cold up here but no snow. You should pick a date and create a new event in the events thread. All I did was pick a date and a location. Volvo's at Ikea has been popular, maybe the Elizabeth NJ one? Then you see who shows up.
    cool man u from the bronx thats whats up i see we all goin to start a volvo movement its all up 2 us let me know if u have a local carshow so we can pass by (v4l)
    Dude, I didn't even know we could message on here. I always send PM's. Next meet? I don't know. Glad you guys came up. The meet was sweet, and I have heard from a few more guys that want to come the next time.
    Dont know, Its getting damn cold up here right now. I think last weekend was the last of the good weather for the year. Glad i got to autox on sunday even though i blew out an exhause manni gaskit. I just joined the Tri-State Area Brickers group and asked if anyone wanted to meet. You should join too.
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