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  • Hello, I am looking to buy a tan or black center console/cup holder for my 240. Please contact me at 203-376-8121. Thank you. Sam
    Hello, I am looking at an old thread and you said you may have some fittings for turbo water cooling hoses? I have a t3 with water cooling holes but I cant find the fittings to attatch my hoses to. Wondering if you may have some/know where to look. Thanks.

    Hey Jonathan, do you have a 240 window wiper motor to sell? This is Evan, I bought that b230ft squirter block from you a few years ago.
    how do I do that for you? This web site is very quirky. I find it difficult to navigate here. Is it just me?
    Hey..saw your EQ post. Just tell me your price. If its to high Ill say so..lol
    Is it "Clean" I dont want one thats scuffed up so to speak
    Hi, drturbo on turbobricks pointed me in your direction. Said you have a gold chippable EZK. Please let me know if this is correct and how much.
    Talked to a guy on Facebook that said that you maiby had an antenna down switch for a volvo 240!
    Volvo 1308065


    I'm looking for a replacement/upgrade turbo for my 83' b21ft. Also interested in a 90+ manifold. I was pointed in your direction so I figured I would hit ya up. Thanks!
    Hi it is Brad in regards too the turbo plus kits. I will take both kits. The shipping address will be to my fathers place. Robert Chilvers 1750 Stevenson road north Oshawa Ontario L1H 7K4. Could you package them in such a way that I will know what is for the 2.2 and what is for the 2.4. Send them USPS please. Send me a final total and your info so I can paypal you. Thanks.
    Good evening!! Happy new year! Do you have one 86 - 93 240 right head light lense?

    Thank you, Robert
    Tasca has new OEM for $107.00 each side. So what's typical for good used in the USA? Canada is typically 50% from the wreckers.
    I sent a paypal payment to drturbo (Don) for switches, not sure how your piggybacking shipping with him would work. I assume you deal with him? Combining the parts to ship certainly works for me. I have to get it shipped US postal. The couriers hose us blind for brokerage, although Fedex used to do a service including all costs up front.
    What are you looking to get, then I can figure what I'll do.
    cheers ian
    I was told that you might be able to source center caps for stock turbine style 242GT rims. If so, what pricing are we looking at?

    I was told that you might be able to source center caps for stock turbine style 242GT rims. If so, what pricing are we looking at?

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