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  • Hello.
    It's looks i've cash in a few days. I letyou know how thats going. Send me pics on the 960 doorhandles :)

    / Markus
    I sent you a PM about a 240 Turbo wiring harness. I'll take it, shipped up to me. PM me with Paypal info. Thanks.
    hello! last week you responded to my post about needing a turbo for my 1990 760. mine is a mitsubishi, TD04H13C. You had said that you have a TD04-13C. Are these parts the same thing? I wasn't sure about the "H". If what you have would work, I definitely want to buy it. Let me know. Besides on here, you can contact me at lori.paules@yahoo.com. Thanks!
    Looking for a Mitsubishi TD05 for an 87 740 intercooler. I have a recently rebuilt Garret I bought from a wrecked 87 to swap. Didn't know at the time that there were 2 different turbos. Feel free to email dave@squidart.com Thanks!
    Hey John.. how goes it? Are we still on? Im nearing the time i go back home and my mechanic is itching to tear into my volvo.. kinda needing something to stick in the hole that runs. I have the money right this very second and could have it to u in a matter of a few minutes
    Trying to find gray rear carpet (for the back seat passengers) for my 745.
    Just want to find it locally.
    Todd seven40t Edmonds
    Did 140's ever have black sunvisor clips? I found some 145 visors which seem to fit my '80 245. If I paint white clips black, I dont think they will last long. Thanks
    OK - volvo never made black sunvisors nor black sunvisor clips for the 245s. And the sedan ones would need serious modifications to work...
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