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    I have 1,441 PMs saved up right now... They span back like two years.
    I am here for 2 more weeks and my gf is visiting me here right now. I head to MTL 2 days after she leaves. It's gonna be tight but never say never!
    No worries about being busy...I know how it is!
    Yeah! She runs! The injectors needed a good carb cleaner bath. I am glad you got waves, I was wondering if there would be much and if it would be blown out or not.
    Sorry, didn't get that message until now. I am pretty busy this weekend since it's my first one back! But, I will have more time in a week or 2. I hope you get some good waves out there. I'm still battling jetlag, too. I feel fine most of the day then suddenly I am a zombie - few more days.
    I am so glad we beat sweden today. When we were down 2-1 I was thinking the worst..typical England style, and when walcot came on I thought it was over, but he was class today.
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