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  • Hello,

    I saw you had a dxf file for a 48 tooth tone ring?

    I have a 940 98 with abs and afaik I need that ring for my truetrac.

    Thanks in advance
    Hey I was wondering if you still had that STL file for the 850 tps adapter. I have a 3D printer and I would REALLY appreciate it if you could send me that file. Thank you so much. -Jeff
    Good Evening: I am coming to UTAH in a couple of weeks and will be in your area. Week of Aug 21.

    would it be possible to meet up with you in person to visit and see your car in person. ?? I have some questions for you and would like your advise.

    Currently have no Volvo of my own yet but I am impressed with what you have done. Looking to do the same thing for me.

    looking forward to your response. CDNBacon (Allan)

    I just contacted yj mount about his 240 / Wilwood adaptation. Seems we are on similar wavelengths. I am willing to go in on the project of having adapters machined, let's start a conversation!

    Jon in San Diego
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