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  • You piqued my interest with the mention of blackgaze, but by pure coincidence I'll also say that I think Drawn into Descent is a great band. :-P
    i did an interview with a belgian band the other day. Drawn Into Descent. they're a promising young band mixing black metal with post-rock. maybe you'd like them. they can be found on facebook if i'm not mistaken.
    i've recently started working on a webzine, focussing on all kinds of music. although post-rock, black metal, sludge and drone will most likely make up the lion's share.. www.merchantsofair.com

    if you don't mind my shameless self-promotion... :-)
    Yo Whatup! Comp's being kinda whack so haven't been on steam much lately, need a breather from a screen when I get off of work lol
    ahh **** that should be


    woods of infinity is okayish to, but you'll definetely dig Woods of Desolation. get the latest album: "As the Stars"
    okay got an awesome tip for you:


    it is like some great mix between Alcest and Deafheaven..
    i missed deafheaven on their last tour. i really have to start going to gigs again. like 15 years or so ago i went to a gig every weekend. recently i saw behemoth and cradle of filth which was nice. COF played lots of old songs to commemorate the 20th aniversary of the debut album. also saw Inquisition from the US. they were awesome. just one guitar, drums and vocals but a great atmosphere and huge sound.
    quite fond of that whole blackgaze thing yeah. also black metal mixed with ambient and that whole 'cascadia' sound.

    theres a couple of bands that you might like such as: An Autumn for Crippled Children, Alcest, Bosse-de-Nage, Loss of Self, Fell Voices, Fauna, Hope Drone, Jute Gyte, Terzij De Horde, Wrnlrd, Wrath of the Weak, Book of Sand, Procer Veneficus, Velvet Cacoon, Paysage d'Hiver, Darkspace, Aus Der Transzendenz, Ash Borer... i seriously feel black metal has never been more interesting than the last couple of years. there's just so much happening. i still love all the classics of course but there is not a shred of doubt that the best is still to come.

    what floats your boat metal-wise?
    looks like you're coming along nicely as our newest resident post whore. which is good, because we just lost a major one.
    it was only $250 on craigslist it has 350k and is faster than b230s with manual trannys, it has the crappy aw71 auto. it like going fast for some reason
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