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The Full Banana

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  • Hey there, I'm new to the forum - my name is Anthony. My son and I recently bought a 240 and we really like the way your car looks w/ the BMW wheels on it. We found some nice ones locally and we're curious what you had to do to make them fit your car? Adaptors? Fender rolling? Thanks very much. -Anthony
    Hope you dont mind but I have been told you have a t-5 behind a whiteblock. I was wondering what you used for a clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, and hydraulic throwout bearing. I am looking to do this swap to my 745 in may or june and want to start gathering parts.
    car is on DIY coilovers in front and adjustable perches in rear. ipd springs sit 1 inch or more higher than where I have the coilovers adjusted to.
    hey man. what are your 17" steelies off of? i wanna run steelies on my 245, but 14" just aint cuttin it. thanks
    Just say when and where. Hopefully this can be done before the WA tabs expire in March. Long story, but it would be a good reason to take the 145 out for a jog and pretend to be from outta state (another long story). text me at 425 640 5977 and gimme a heads up. Tonight am takin the lady out. ~adrian
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