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the poi
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  • Hey man just read your build it's insane unbelievable detail .so I'm going to try one myself .its going to be a drift car so I'm putting it into an s14 Nissan .I've sourced a b6294t ,just bought an old 960 for parts ,m90,sump,mounts etc..I plan on putting a top mount holset hx35 .im going to leave the vvt head alone and use a standalone link ecu. My question is how much power can I put through it on standard inertials and did you use a metal head gasket
    Hello you seem to be the expert when it comes to 960 or whiteblocks. I have a 97 s90 that has developed a tick at startup its ugly. I want to do a engine swap in order to completely disable the bad engine and go through it. I can get a t6 engine out of a 99 s80 with a bad tranny. Will a 960 head bolt on to it the lower t6, change the pan oil pickup and get some motor mounts from a jy? how easy of a swap is this?
    Hello, may I ask how you did that logo on the grill? I'd like to do that to my 760 with s90 front. ;-)
    Thanks in advance, Jochen aka Brickdrifter
    Peace. I'd like to get up soon if you're interested. I could use TBricker help sorting this 850 for road trips and mods, plus some cosmetic issues. Get at me.
    I remember a post you did about defluting your headlights. How are they holding up? Would be interested in defluted some glass cressida headlights? You did a awesome job on yours, and wonder if I can pay you do this service for my lights in the future?
    Hi there
    I,m a new member on this forum and i,m in the process of installing a Ms V3 system in my 960 eq. with a AW30-43 trans. Is there anyway i can get them to play together signalwise?
    Regards goran
    Hello,can you tell me if you are still making gearbox controllers & if so $$$.
    if you are not can you furnish me with the info required to build one please
    Regards Adrian
    Where did you go to get what you needed to turbo ur 960? I have a 1996 Volvo 960 sedan w/ a 2.9L I-6. What can I do to get more horsepower out of it, like a turbo, a chip, intake, etc?
    I'm trying to find more information on upgrades for my 960. I dont want to get crazy... just a turbo and some suspension mods. Can you point me in the right direction?

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