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  • s'okay, I'm gonna try it at 4 degrees retard again. I've recently installed TLAO chips, green giants, a heavily ported 15G and 90+, 3" downpipe and an NPR intercoler Car is strong, but rearend/linkages need to be modded and addressed.
    it never ends. My other son once had a 244 he couldn't get bled--turned out he'd installed his rear calipers on the wrong sides
    (bleeders pointed down).
    I'd love to do a lot more Volvo oriented stuff around town, but most of what I have been up to is surfing this website. I have a 1990 244 that's sitting because I can't get the brakes bled properly. After that I have to adjust the clutch on the t5 swap. I also recently bought an '82 242 that will be getting lh2.2 soon.

    I think Sam said you were swapping some stuff around in your car. How do you like the RSI cam?
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