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'93 940 Turbo, Motor from MXSlotkin's '91

Working on Volvos with the kid, tilting at windmills, reading a big book, not much time otherwise
Right here
Manager/Wrench Boss at Sweetgrass Cycles in Mt. Pleasant, SC


My feedback:http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=304829&highlight=thelocalspoke

Current Volvo:"Green Party:" 93 945T@195K/250K; AW71/cooler;ported 15g@16psi;Big NPR IC;all v-band/3" stainless DP, taper to 2.5 OBX;RSI S1 T cam (BUT IPD DOWEL!!);MTX-L AFR; TLAO fuel/ezk chips;Bosch green giants; 012 MAF;960 lower ties;IPD lower brace+sways; stock springs -1 coil; Bilstein Touring shocks (they suck);Hydras;new stock brakes.>For later: 2 squirter B230s, turbo and not; extra AW71.




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