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  • Hey I could use some chips from u possibly, shooting for high 300s Maybe tap 400. 94 b230ft with rods, studs, ipd cam, 630cc injectors, 4 bar fpr, billet wheel he351, tube manifold.
    I am certain that I bought the chips from you, but it is too long ago to expect any adjustment. How much for just the chip for a non EGR install in a gold EZK?
    Yo I’ve been looking for a 4 bar fpr, where did you source yours? I’m gonna check a dodge Daytona at the junk tomorrow. I don’t think it’s their 2.5L turbocharged engine tho :(
    Hi !My car is
    B230ft in volvo 240
    Do88 intercooler
    Do88 radiator
    Ipd turbo cam
    531 head
    15g turbo(how much maxboost I can use?)
    Aw71L+oil cooler
    3?exhaust pipe
    Volvo 960 3?Air flow meter(012)
    Volvo red original Fuel injector(0280155759)( I need bigger injector?)
    I need the lh2.4+Ezk chip
    Hey man I?m looking to buy some chips for my Volvo 940 1994 turbo with the Bosch ignition system I?m looking to run about 25 psi has ipd turbo cam and 80lb injectors is this possible?

    Heard a lot of great things about your chips so I thought I?d pick your brain on what?s best for my plans:

    87? 744 with 95? B230FT motor
    Forged rods with arp2000 bolts
    12.9 head stud kit
    Classic swede stage 3 cam with adjustable cam gear
    650cc Siemens deka injectors
    Big eBay intercooler with custom hard pipes
    Wasted spark setup
    Standard MAF in 3? housing
    Holset HE300WG with 8cm exhaust housing mounted to modified stock manifold
    3? turbo back exhaust
    Target 300-400bhp

    Is LH2.4 capable of coping with this setup? Ideally I?d like to ditch the EGR as well, I have EZK116 if that helps.
    93 240+T finished. MS not in budget. I tried (2018?) but didn't connect with you. So I got ECU and EZK chips from a guy in Sweden that are supposed to match mods. How would I know though? It runs well, but could it be a lot better?
    So far no dynos (Richmond, VA) are interested in messiinng with an old 240. Your chips would be a known factor vs "some guy in Sweden " PRICE?
    This is to be my fast curvy mountain highway slicer dicer. But not wanting to push engine to max.
    LH 2.4. Running E85
    Stock B230f bottom end, piston squirters
    MANUAL Ford HD 5-spd. Stage 2+ clutch, flat flywheel, lightened
    531 head, larger valves and Stage II porting by pro
    Bosch green 42# injectors. Adjustable FPR, higher output fuel pump
    KG2T cam from KG Trimning
    Hybrid 15g/19T turbo with high perf compr. wheel
    Large Volvo (93 940?) intercoooler
    3" exhaust turbo back. New cat with good flow.
    Tach, wideband, boost gauge, MBC.

    Are you still building and selling downpipes for Turbo 240's? I have a 242 track car that I need one for.
    Hello. I?ve got a 91 740 turbo lh2.4 I?d like to get chips for. Mods are
    -Ipd turbo cam with Sts adjustable gear
    -57 trim t3t4 mounted to modded stock manifold
    -2.5? exhaust
    -planning to run between 14 and 20 psi
    I currently have the stock 310cc injectors but eventually will upgrade. Got any tunes that would work well with that setup?
    I’d like to purchase 2 sets of chips from you I believe. I have a 91 944turbo and a 84 242 dL that I am going+t. I have a few ECU/EZK boxes that I have stashed planning this. Dave (242dl) is giving me guidance with the project. At the same time I’m not exactly sure which ECU/EZK would be best for this 2.0-2.2 +t situation I have going on here.
    I’d like to purchase the LH and EZK chips from you. 1991 760 b230ft 16t turbo, bosch red 0-280-155-759 315cc injectors, lh ecu 0-280-000-563, ezk 0-227-400-140. Thinks about running 14psi. Let me know what you have please
    Hello. I was wondering if I could purchase some chips from you? I have a 92 940 Turbo with a 15g turbo and I want to run upwards of 15-16psi and install a IPD turbo cam and custom 3 inch turbo back exhaust. Do you have a chip set that will work with those mods?
    Hey I?ve got a 740 with a 20t, forged rods, 350cc injectors, on a rebuilt motor. Do you have a chip that would work for this setup? How much are your chips?
    hello, i have a volvo 760 equipped with an original b230ET 186cv, i installed a sport manifold with a turbo t3 / t04E, i just ordered from classic swede a camshaft stage 3, i have a stainless steel line, and I would like to go to E85, I am not looking for a lot more power because I have original connecting rods all the engine and restore (joint spy, connecting rod rod ...) do you make chips for this model, I have a fuel cut problem with the original camshaft, I can't even imagine with the camshaft classicswede stage 3 ... cordially thomas
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