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Tom Clark
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  • it's actually from safe haven and she's almost ten years old now, we got her a year and a half ago
    Dude... Another Corvallis T-Bricker?!? Wow,, and your dod looks eerily like mine is it from Safe haven about 5 years old?
    Thanks much. Its a straight forward swap. If you swap in a glass moonroof - you HAVE to have the later headliner.....its only about a 1/2" larger opening but a must have to make it look right. I took it to a car upholstery shop - since I pulled and installed it, only cost about $200. OE "black" is more like dark gray/charcoal. This is pitch black.....looks GOOD. I also dyed all the interior bolster trims (velour headliner trims) pitch black as well. Only way to go. :)
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