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  • "Anyone has the procedure step by step for this?
    I am soon going to replace the bushings on my 740T with IRS and it would be very handy to have some reference.
    Can I drop the whole multilink cage without unbolting the rear springs and shock absorbers?"

    Hello Thomasss, would you please tell me where you found the manual for taking off the multi-link? Thanks
    Hi, I've a Motronic 1.8 in my 95 Volvo 960. I'm interesting in buying a "magic box" for removing torque reduction. Do you send to Norway?
    And what is your price?
    You need just the engine itself.
    Exhaust & engine mounts fits.
    The 960 accessories doesn't fit without modifications (the s3 engine has different water outlet from thermostat) so I've used different accessories that fits (but some modifications are also required).
    Air conditioning has been deleted completely (I don't use it anyway) so I have no idea if it is possible to fit it or not.
    Oil pan has to be swapped, from s2 to s3.
    For optimal performance you also have to plug the VVT and replace the intake cam with a non-VVT one.
    I am been impressed by Your b6304s3 swap in 960. Thx for this - I am thinking abaut do the same in my v90 with m90 becouse find good coondition oryginal b6304s2 its not easy.
    Can You tell me what schould I take frome seller with engine b6304s3? Off corse inlet manifold but i have read that You use steering pump and alternator from different model - is that becouse this accesories from s3 don't fit or You just not get it with new s3 engine ? What abaut AC pump? Is oil pan ok from s3 or schould I use my old s2 ?
    Many thx for answer and sorry for my english
    Best regards from Poland
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