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  • Hey, I don't mean to be a pain, but I'm not sure you got my messages yesterday. You seem very quick to reply generally, and I wasn't able to see my sent messages from my profile, so I'm still not sure if you received them. I'm not a TB veteran, so I'm not very good at navigating the site
    I just bought a set of salad shooters. All four are the same size. The 16x8 ones.

    What is the best adapter thickness to use front and rear?

    What is the best tore size to use?

    I want to make minimal mods to make these fit. I don't mind rolling or trimming the lips.
    Hey man do you still have those salad shooters? I want them! How far are you from Leesburg, va?
    Hey Im interested in buying that getrag clutch disc. give me a call or text if you can 916 425 6626 thanks!
    Hi, it's Dan Samodai (shoestring), we met at the LeMons race in NJ, I'm with the Swedish Mafia. Anyways, I've got this B230FT in the "For Sale" section, but I goofed and listed it twice. Actually, it's listed 3 times, but I just lowered the price because we've got to move it. Is there some way I can delete these earlier postings to clean it up and make it look less like I'm a doofus? There's one from last week and one from 10:33 this morning that I'd like to dump.

    Turbobricks has a member who goes by abdlock. In his signature it says NChoy's BFF (Best Friend Forever). This is a slam to Nick (NChoy). There has been considerable friction between Nick and abdlock on the internet. I think it is inappropriate for abdlock to have NChoy's BFF in his signature, and I think it should go away.
    Hi: I got your contact from Jim Morris (VCOA Maryland Chapter).

    My name is Randy Majewski. I belong to the Volvo Club of America (VCOA) Great Lakes chapter up in Michigan.

    One of my kids just moved to Washington, DC with our 1991 Volvo 240.

    I’m trying to locate an independent club member that can perform service on this vehicle or a recommendation of an independent service garage (no dealers).

    The car is in good shape, but may need some TLC in the future.

    My kid will be living in the Petworth area (NorthWest section), just north of the VA Medical Center and the Washington Hospital Center which is at
    North Capital St. NW and Irving St. NW. Sort of near Catholic University of America.

    If anyone can provide any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it....Thank-You...


    Randy Majewski (Ma-jes-kee)
    Lake Orion, Michigan
    E-mail: rkeithma@netscape.net
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