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  • saw the az peeps group hasn't had a post in 4 years so im trying random members in phoenix to see if any know of recyclers with 240s in their yards. looking for a 14x5.5 steel wheel. thanks in advance...
    When you rebuild a T3 turbo how do you seal the wastgate side,what do you use to stop a exhaust leak.
    I need a replacement turbo for my 1995 940 T Wagon but the tag numbers on the existing turbo are pretty much illegible with the exception of the first four "Type" numbers: "TD04" and the last four of the serial number: "0022". Do you have a turbo that would fit? (FYI, I am new to Turbobricks Forums and not sure what contact info I should include here, if any, or how to go about contacting individual posters so any suggestions re communications are welcome.) Thanks.
    Hello, I have been looking for a replacement turbo for my 90 740 turbo wagon it is the td04h 13c, i would like to know what options you may have for a direct bolt on replacement. Also, would you suggest replacing the hot side and putting new exhaust gasket set at the same time? I found this on eBay and it looks great but I'm not wanting to spend that kind of money


    Thank you for your help, i can also be reached at pj.metzger@yahoo.com
    Hey! I found you through volvo forum, was hoping to find an 18t through you as I'm upgrading my 850, just paid for the ecu flash. I have a 15g with maybe 1000k since i bought a brand new chra from mhi for sale now if your interested, though it seems no one is really looking, maybe your input on what to do with it. Thanks!
    hey whats up man i have a 1998 volvo v70xc and i am looking to change out the turbo charger i think it has a 13t or g i am not sure i am being told that i can put a 155 or 16t turbo on it do you have anything around that would work for my needs.
    You rebuilt a turbo for me quite a while ago for my 230FT build, and I have no complaints.
    I'm installing it on the new motor and adding AN fittings for the feed and drain lines.
    Is there any need to restrict the feed flow, so as not to effect seals in a turbo?
    I figured you would know if anyone on TB. Thanx.
    Hi Tryingbe
    I thought I would ask you since you rebuild turbo's. Does the backing plate on a Garrett T3 have any roll in controlling some of the play in the shaft? I have replaced the bushings and when I put the backing plate on the seal ring seams a little loose where the thrust collar sits in. If it does do you have a good/new backing plate?
    hello I'm looking to buy a 15g conical turbo. do you have any available? please respond! thank you! :)
    hey, gottarollwithit let me know that you were trying to get a group buy on a bunch of 18t turbos. if its a good price i'd be interested for sure. let me know.
    Looking to upgrade my 2000 S70 GLT SE. From what I've been told a 16T turbo and ECM from a T5 model S70 are all I need. Any truth to this? If so, do you have the parts?
    Hi, I'm looking for a wastegate bracket for a RWD reclocked 15g. Do you make them or source them? Either way I want to buy one.

    I was referred to you by "Longhair" here on turbobricks as the guy to talk to about rebuilt turbos. I am looking for a Mitsubishi Td04 13c for my wife's 1994 940T. Do you have any available? Do you also have "do-it-yourself" rebuild kits? I am in the Portland OR area (97140). Thanks in advance! Brian
    Was refered by Volvo Forums to you as the guy to talk to regarding re-built turbos. I have a 1994 940 T wagon, can you quote a price for a new and rebuilt turbo kit? Shipping would be to Michigan.
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