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  • Hello Tryingbe,

    I have a stock 93 945 turbo, I replaced the blown turbo with another one, and I'm hearing the replacement turbo compressor wheel hitting the housing, I was thinking I could rebuild it or buy another one. So do you have an rebuild kit, or another model turbo that is a drop in replacement for my 13c?

    If you could email me @ xmodssupra98 @ yahoo . com and let me know whats up, thanks!
    hi again, turbo not turned up yet , do you have the tracking number again to see if it's actaually in the uk yet.
    thanks, Carl.
    I bought a 1991 940 turbo, leaks oil and smokes it, the plate in the turbo say Volvo T004H-136, a mechanic told me I need a repair kit or change it, do you sell parts for it? or where can I get in the web? could you help me, tipsp from volvolution send me to you, my email is mariotest@hotmail.com, thanks for all your help you could give me.Mario.
    i just bought this car volvo 940, it needs a turbo replaced. I don't know yet what kind or anything else about it. the engine is 4cyl. 2.3L FI Turbo. Is this enough info. for you to tell me if you have one? And how much would it cost? my Email address is...mr_wilson_1965@yahoo.com
    Hello, I was told to talk to you about a turbo for a b21ft... Any recommendations? I've heard a few things about a cossie hybrid, please let me know.

    Hey ive got a question if you take some trades for a lower price on a 15g? used 13c no shaft play, and a TB0363 impeller is bent. if not whats your pay pal?
    I have a 98 S-70 t-5 with about 150k mi. that is starting to smoke a bit. Do you know which model turbo it has or where the tag with the part number is located (as installed in the car) so I can get replacement seals and bearings etc.
    I'll take them, let me know how you want paid. Also may be interested in a turbo for my B21FT. What can you put together for me?
    Hi tryingbe i'm looking for a to4e 50trim comp housing with a ported shroud(anti surge).Do you have anything like that for sale?
    hello my name is erwin, im a good friend or joe stevens, any ways i say that turbo u rebuilt for him and its awesome.. i want to know how much it will cost and were are ur price range from... i have acracked housing in the back can u fix that or waht can i do... i really dont want to lose that turbo its a rare car. i want all original parts but just some up grades, thx
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