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  • Hey mate
    I e sent you a pm as I've just brought d585 coils to run wasted spark on lh 2.4.
    Can you help with chips or table to flash chips over here in australianso I can run these coils without overdwell?
    Shane, I've been told you may be able to help me.

    A little background:
    I have a 93 940 n/a that is regina and I have added a 13c to it. It's running stock boost, but as soon as it hits boost, the computer doesn't know what to do with the fuel, and it just cuts back on fuel.

    Can you chip my regina edu so it will know what to do with the boost? Or can you give me the contact of somebody who can help me?

    Any advice is helpful!

    I would like to order one then for the 563 ecu what is the cost including shipping to Vancouver Canada? I am also going to get a mbc and a proper boost gauge, what psi would be good with your chip?
    I'm new to this forum. I responded to your mssg re:aw70. If you didn't receive my response please let me know. thnx
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