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  • Just a friendly reminder, you are 44 post away from 10,000. Make it count. Make it a ban worthy one.......
    goddammit henry, don't interfere when i'm trying to get someone to bengay his nuts
    hey man i didnt mean to give you the wrong vibe in your ****ty neighbors thread, i dont want you to feel unwelcome here or anything...
    You did most likely, was it around five thirty? How are you doing? Did you ever figure out where toget those Ecode headlights?
    I saw that fcpgroton and ipd have them (fcp has the corner markers for 14-18 a piece, and ipd has the headlight lenses for 50 or so each (all are aftermarket of course, but that doesn't really matter to me).
    yo, whats up man? It's Jon (turbo 850) with the knock sensor issues. how you been?
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