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  • It's a great cam for an NA...but I've never heard of it being particularly good for turbos, with the Enem V15 of old or now the IPD Turbo Cam being more desirable.

    Not kidding about the M cam. It's got more lift on the exhaust side than the intake side, which is what you want with a turbo. Consequently it makes it not so great of an NA cam, with the T actually working far better in the NA cars than it does the turbo cars. It actually makes the NA cars tolerable. The M cam will make the turbo spool faster. Quite a bit faster.
    Of course it could just as easily be the VX3. Everything I've heard about it would indicate that it doesn't work well with turbos.

    Try an M, for serious; its greater lift on the exhaust side than the intake side is rumored to make it a pretty decent turbo cam.
    Kenny is definitely running full standalone on both the fuel and ignition sides. No EZK there.

    And EZ116K, the one that came on LH 2.4 cars, is pretty badass. It's EZ117K, the one that came on LH2.2 740s, that I don't like.

    My theory is this: EZ117K works like poop on 8.7:1 B230FTs, it can't possibly work any better than "much worse" on a 7.5:1 B21FT. It was meant for the then-new 9.8:1 B230F when it came out and they didn't really modify it much for the turbo cars.

    You're probably not up for changing ignition again, but in the event that you decide to, I'd look into seeing if you can convert to EZ116K - OR just get the full breakerless system from a 240 turbo.
    Part of me wants to say the problem is the EZ117K. It's more stable and safer for boost than the Chrysler ignition, but neither of them are all that great.

    I never could get my 740 to run very quick. 15.3@88 with crazy timing advance on 110oct race gas. That was EZ117K on an 8.7:1 B230FT.

    I'm running the breakerless vac-advance currently. I have no low-end issues. Not turning the boost up until I get some refurb'd (or at least flow'd-spec'd) whitebody injectors.
    What are you running for a cam? If it's a T, the cam isn't the issue. Ignition timing? You can advance the base timing with EZK a lot on a B21 since it's 7.5:1, try 17-18 degrees or so.

    My 740 was poop at low RPM with any less than 15 degrees, and that was a B230FT - 8.7:1.

    It probably improved the midrange a lot.
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