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volvo gt
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  • Hey Thanks. We're all busy these days. I'm well thanks again. A long winter in Oakland Ca. raining again today too. Kayaking a lot and playing with my new gopro are the latest adventures. I am planning to go to Davis this month. What animals are you caring for? I have 5 finches and a few random cats outside that like my leftovers. It's a job-hat to wear caring for critters...
    Oh dang, I'll have to take a look! I'm doing well. Engineering stuff and animals taking up all of my time. How's life stuff with you?
    Hey! sorry, haven't been on for a while. The one you shared was the one my mom already got from you, but the guy had the other side, too! My mom sent him a question on ebay, but I'm not sure if he ever got back to her.
    That person has the passenger side too on feebay right now. We should message them to see what else they may have.
    Hey! Got the email, thanks so much! It was great meeting you and sitting in your GT! I'm diggin these sweet headrest cushions ;-) Thanks for all the love and making me laugh. Hope to see you again next year!!
    It was picked up on thursday, it will arrive there on the 4th. Sorry for the late response i've been away. I didn't get a tracking number but i assure you its on the way and will be there friday.
    Well congrats on being super original and innovative with that bumper accessory. So sweet, haha. It really works with all the other black accents on the body. Very clean.

    Yeah the parking lot was fun, heh. Every now and then I like to go a little crazy. Thanks :D

    I am very much in love with the lamps. The only tricky part is getting the aiming of them to be just right. I get a lot of irritated high-beam flashing from other drivers, haha. I'm like constantly loosening and lowering them to make sure they aren't too blinding to other people. But they look pretty badass, can't deny that. They're just jealous :p

    The sound system is awesome in my car!! It was literally the first thing I worked on when I bought the car. I have two 4" Alpine speakers in the doors, and two 6" big Alpines in the back. I wanna get a subwoofer soon. My stereo is modernized and has a hookup for an auxiliary cable which is awesome. Major bass. She shakes the streets :p
    Yeah I bet you get a lot of compliments!! It's in fine shape. Is that a front lip I see below your rear bumper? Haha it looks pretty fab...

    Yeah it was my first time walking around Carlsen, and it was pretty much like Disneyland. Very, very cool.

    My brick is not turbo'd (yet), but yes I did do donuts. They were celebratory; I took off and whipped her around some parking lots on the night that I finally got the wiring right on my Hella lamps and got 'em to work. I was super excited. Yeah, she's not a beast yet but I still do very well at higher speeds, she has been in a consistent "good mood" for a month or so now :p
    Hey! Your GT is beautiful! Love it. Things are good in the bay area indeed. I was pretty happy yesterday because I went to the Carlsen Volvo dealership in Palo Alto and picked up a paint touch-up kit to fix some gnarly gashes from some moron who keyed my car. The paint was perfect (sent from Sweden haha) and she looks beautiful again. Last week I changed the oil, drive belts, and oxygen sensor so that was pretty cool. Basic maintenance, nothing too thrilling recently. (I'm broke)

    How's your's treating you?

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