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  • Was simply gonna post "would bang" but then I saw wifey. Now simply going with polite post.
    Hey I was recommended to talk to you about my oil pump by 84b23f. I pulled the pan to drill for an oil return but in order to get the pan out I raised the engine and lowered the crossmember, even at this point I had to pull off the oil pick up! I guess i'll have to drop the crossmember completely. My question is, do you know the torque specs for the 4 allen head bolts that attach the pump to the pick up? Also, the specs for the 2 bolts holding in the pump itself..
    hi there. did not see your post. I live off ann road. what you driving? me a 83 242 dl stock engine wise with aftermarket seats, hyrdas and a 76 front setup (flat hood 7in rounds and standard grill). give me a shout. cell 702-328-6685 we can talk Volvos.

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