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  • Hey man,

    Came across some pics of your 700 in an old thread. I am in love! I am looking for a 700 right now and trying to figure out what years to go with. The bumpers on yours, are they factory? Side skirts too? What year is yours?

    I had a '87 and an '89, neither looked like yours obviously, they also had the duel headlights. I love how yours looks modern still, you get into the 87'89 look and they can really look dated. If I am going to buy one I want to get exactly what I want.

    I also noticed you are in MA, where abouts? I am living in Salem, NH. I would love to check out your volvo's sometime if you are ever out this way.
    hi mate i am looking for a set of e-codes corners like the ones you got your SE ^^^^ on this pic
    Hi there, I live in the boston area myself (well, marlborough to be exact) Just wondering if you knew of anyone in the area who works on Volvos? I have a 1994 964 that needs a bit of work (i.e. e-codes, rear brakes, struts) I'd do it myself but I just havent the time or space to do it. Any help would be appreciated!
    I'm catching up to you fast with profile views.
    I've been on TB for a month and I have almost a quarter of the views you have...and you've been on here since '06
    Heyy heyy.
    Yeah, I will definatly junk it.. I do appreciate the suggestions though.
    You know I would take my car back but I don't want to pay the $500+ storage fee then the $300 change it would cost for me to tow it back to Hamden.
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