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  • If you end up going over to watch that front end work on the 240 today, would you be able to take over a digital camera or video camera to capture some of the tricky parts?
    I know that I need to do some front end work too, and I'm sure we're not the only ones.
    Hope you get to see his progress.
    Hey question for you, why aren't you getting that 242 from ayoobjan? I'm also looking at it, and he's told me to come up this weekend if I wanted it, I know you were saying that you had it.... just curious whats up and what fell through.
    Saw your posting on recycling Volvos, I've been doing that with 2,7 and 9 series cars for over 20 years now, I just can't help myself, I call it my hobby/passion.. I have a Brother just south of Raleigh in Willow Springs, a Stepson in Raleigh and another Stepson preparing to move from N California to Raleigh also, hoping to get there some time in the future at retirement time myself, can't take NY winters and my 85 Nissan 300ZX would be more at home in the warmth too, As for as the Volvos go I have had at least 100 of them and my Z car passion has now got me in number 15 of them ranging from 1979 280Zx to 1989 300ZX.... Life's too short, you've got to have some fun....... Tom
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