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  • Hey not sure what is going on but I PM'd you twice but you're not responding. I'm assuming your PM folder is full. Let me know the status on my intake.

    Weird question....You don't know me, but I think you might live in my buddy's neighborhood. My buddy lives right around cloverly. Turn off of new hampshire onto briggs chaney, then turn down good hope road. He lives down there.

    Anyway, he was telling me about a dude who has a beast 240 in his 'hood. Just wondering if that was you.
    Hi there!
    Nice car you got :p I was just wondering, where did you buy that CF flathood you have? Did you pay a lot for that? You dont happend to know if there's some companys in europe (sweden maybie) that sell those hoods?
    Thnx. -Rasse-
    soo at this street life tour event i had many applauses for sustaining drifts with sweet transitions in a volvo 240 4-door. however alot of the guys who drive/ run events throughout the east came up to me asking f i knew of a flat black volvo 2-door that was AWESOME. i told them i did and that it's blue and makes like 500hp now LOL. they all said you did a great job throwing those sweet gold wheels around with ease. SWEET!!
    Hey,man- just wanted to get your opinion on things I should be aware of on '05 S60R. I am getting one - a geartronic, and am looking for a volvo tech's opinion. Also- you have a Proturbo header, right? Did you use larger than stock studs for mounting?
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