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  • oh nice! yeah i am kinda delaying lowering for now......especially this winter with all the frosty heaves!
    hey! great idea on the fogs. I want some on the front of my 245. There is some on a creme 245 on the front of the new ipd catalog on(Hella square ones) and i liked the look of those. cut ur sprrrrangs yet?
    thank you :) i love my 245. Well. Pretty much the same idea. Il probably get some lowering springs from ipd. Your paint is in great shape....my hood and roof need some love. haha.
    I love your 245. cheggout mine :) Im trying to get mine to stage 0 right now. you gonna lower yours?
    Aw, thank you beautiful!
    I'm sorry that the thread took a turn for the worse.
    I made a comment directly to Ian because I think he's a ****.
    Didn't think the thread would be closed :(
    You can find the Nighthawks Anteater using google. I can email you a .jpg if you would like.
    Hey... Sorry for not heading over here sooner, I accepted the request on my way out the door and kept forgetting to stop in and say hi. So, Hi. What's the latest news on your wagon?
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