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  • Yes they have a "museum day" with free entrance and many visitor cars. It has been the first saturday every may for a few years at least. I've been going every year for like 4 years now
    I pulled a breather box from a upullit car,washed it out with degreaser and drilled out the plug on the side.screwed in a 5/8 bsp brass elbow and barb.fitted hose and mini filter.
    cost-$5 box
    45c o/ring
    $15 hose and fittings
    new from volvo dealer-$130 box +$13 for o/ring
    @#$@#. dealers
    gunmetal grey has always been my fav colour..planning to cut return pipe to aid future maintenance.I have heavy walled oil/fuel resistant hose i used to mod crankcase breather box.
    thanks for finding swaybar.if you can price freight we,ll sort out payment.
    I,ve had the car about 12yrs.daily driver until about 3yrs ago.Have never really taken any photos of just the car.just looks like a stock 740 turbo'88.over the years i've changed things to improve performance or reliability.at the moment i've nearly got all the parts for a front suspension rebuild.next I'll fit the 15g turbo I bought from one of the tassie tbrickers.
    hey, I only just noticed this in here. Yeah I do, I just added you tonight. Have just registered my 740t today, it's nice to finally have it on the road. That said, I put a pod filter on it and went to take it out, it died on me at the end of the street... not sure what happened there, maybe the pod filter had some crap in it that got sucked in through the intake... bit hard to explain. I just went out and started it then and it was fine. But I'm reluctant to take it anywhere till I work out whether I can get it happening with the pod or whether I have to put the original filter box back on.
    Anyway talk soon
    So AJ kept the original turbo and you got it with the car?.

    From my fading memory he upgraded to an clocked 850R 15G or something?, although I can't remember if he did it purely as a performance upgrade, or if something was wrong with the old 12b?.

    Either way if it's cheap enough I may still want it regardless, I want 'zero' downtime on my 745T if and when I change the turbo, so a spare 12b is high on my want list.

    Let me know what milage is on the 740 it came off, could be a good marker as to possible condition of the turbo, that and check the shaft play, thanks for the heads up VQ.
    Excellent question! I have had a number of cars with questionably practical wheel/tyre combinations. The ride quality is comparable to eighteens but what it came down to for me was irrationality. Since owning two other 200 series before this one and selling them and realising I was an idiot for doing so, all I wanted for five years was a 240 with twenty inch wheels. I cant offer you any better explanation than that.
    You have no idea how much win that car is made of. I've wanted to import an VL for a looooooong time, but I've gotta wait a few more years.

    Also, gimme a picture of the front of your car, so I can pixel it.
    Yo, do you have any more pictures of that aquamagreen VL you posted?
    hey matey, just headin off to bed soon. Im gonna have to have a chat with you about your suspensions set up. hows it working out for you?
    how much did it cost?
    How much has it been lowered? Let me know if ya wanna sell it! haha
    i was thinking of goin B & G and some billy hd's.
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