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  • Hi, I read that you sell maxxecu plug and play kits to mount on lh2.4.
    How's that going?
    How can I get it?
    Hello, i have 760 b23et with lh2.4 do you have any solution for me and my build ?

    Injectior 'tis 0-280-150-804

    I have a 1990 960 with a b204ft .
    Do you have any solution for me to tune or any chips for this engine ?
    Its bone stock with only 130k km.

    Thanks in advance
    Cool, would be fun to check out.
    I miss my old 262C. We had a fresh B230FT swap sitting in it. It needed wiring.
    The guy still has it sitting and some day I would like to get it back and finish it.
    I looked at the 242 today. It has a fresh 2.5" all the way back. The down pipe however is a serious hack job. All I would need on it is a 2.5" down pipe mated and it should be plenty. It will be mostly stock with some extra boost and maybe a cam.
    The 245 would be real nice with a 3" all the way back. No cats. Let me know if you work a price up.
    You should make some and sell on TB as a kit.
    Hey, I got me a 242 turbo again. I am going to restore it but would like a 3" exhaust, down pipe and all. Do you or y'all do that at the shop? I don't need SS. Regular tubing is ok.
    I would possibly want one for the wagon as well. I am a gasket kit away from +T on it. I have a down pipe that would work for now with what I have on the car. It's bolt on.
    What would that run ball park?
    heeeeey.......u can't use "cool beans" thats my wording...lol

    and COOL BEANS.....ill look him up lol
    Cool beans, I'll bring out my slam wagon. Fb is Brett Willett if y'all wanna talk about turvoing the car.
    sorry for the late late late late response lol.
    Yeah I think i met you out at the Lowes meet.
    did you know theres a new car meet at the Best Buy off san pedro on wednesday nights?
    it gets pretty darn crowded out there. and I saw a youngster with a standard 850.
    i thin kanother volvo has been spotted out there too. volvos are really starting to pop out in san antonio lately.
    hey, sent you a couple messages regarding the spring and bilstiens. Not sure if you received them.
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