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  • Kjet is more like :rant: then a bit like :whip: then it bends Joel over its fender and :boink: and after that Joel is :raincloud:.

    For the record.
    Thanks man,
    While I've only just received moderator abilities, I've always been the OT master bater
    I was only gone from midwest madness because my grandpa didn't look like he was going to make it to october. Since he was so sick, my family decided it was a good idea to have his and my grandma's birthday celebration that week. I didn't really have a choice my friend, family always trumps my personal passions.
    If you come to Guatemala, don't forget buy Euro parts (e-codes, cams, heron heads, etc)
    agreed.. the volvos are still in the barn just achin to get back on the road. i think i passed your wagon on the waterfront just about too many times on my way down to Alterra :) let me know if you wanna hit the pickyards
    well, you said make an offer. i don't have a job, that's the best i can do for something i'm not in dire need of. good luck with the sale!
    i sent 7 out at the same time a few days ago, and as far as i know 4 have made it to their destination. i'll try to figure out what the hold up is and get back to you. i apologize for the inconvenience of all this. i'm not trying to give anyone the run around. -Ryan
    Seriously I am just hoping somone will point me in the direction of getting my struts/springs off then I am going back out to work on my car. I am getting sick of sitting here but I am also not really getting any answers
    Sure, provided I'm not swamped by midterms or something. Send my a pm when you have a date or something.
    I'm alive dude, just a little bit tied up with life. I'll be down there as soon as I can, but it wouldn't be until this weekend at the latest. I really appreciate your generosity, I'm just dealing with alot of school crap right now and the car unfortunately comes low on the list most days. Thanks man, I really appreciate it!
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