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  • wait... wow. it just hit me. you have a 245T... I WANT! i know i want at least the manifold, the turbo an all the bits to make it go WHOOOSH! :D or we could toy with it and make it run again :D i love working on these things :D
    wow, this is AMAZING, ive been hunting for local tbrs since i signed up. where in portsmouth are you? im on airline. right by mosberths chicken :D i guess this makes me a young un, but im 17. ive had the volvo bug since i was about 8. my family has driven nothing but 240s for the last 12 years and i LOVE them :D but im looking for a 745 to play with, the 744s look a little akward imo, but the wagons are the seks. hit me with a messege and we could hang out sometime, talk bricks :p
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