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  • Thanks! The wheels are Coventry Whitley (aftermarket for Jag). They're about $250 each plus shipping. I machined them myself.

    There's more info in my build thread.
    They are steels from an 850 then I took them to the shop and had them make them wider.
    The cost of the parts and labor came out to about $500 and I forgot how much I paid for the wheels.
    Good luck
    16x7 , 185-50-16 :16x8 , 195-55-16 something like that. Made by Stockton Wheel.
    Found your message, sorry. Can't find your email address though, please send that to me and I'll be glad to send you the pics.

    Hey, Thanks...

    Here is the suspension:
    kaplhenke Racing Custom Coilovers (Strut tubes shorten 1")
    Koni racing shocks: 30-5436 and struts: 8610-1437 Race
    Eibach racing spings 300"lbs (10") fornt
    Blue Coil 250"lbs (8") rear w/ Eibach 363 helper spring
    Kaplhenke Racing Camber Plates
    Kaplhenke Racing Adjustable Torque rods
    Kaplhenke Racing Adjustable Panhard bar
    Kaplhenke Racing quick steer/ roll correction spacers
    Kaplhenke Racing Adjustable Endlinks
    IPD 28mm front bar/ 25mm rear bar
    Yoshifab Boxed front control arms and boxed rear trailing arms
    CravingBoost "GroupA" strut/ firewall Braces
    Poly bushings with zerk fittings where Rod ends not used
    Borbet Type E 16" x 7.5"
    Continental ExtremeContact DW 205/50 16
    1" rear spacers
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