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  • hey patrick, saw your awesome 240 at the VKB. you were parked just 2 rows behind me. however, since i have no idea what you look like didnt get to say hi.. :)
    Hi mate.. You quite simple, just need to change over everything front the windshield forward.. it all just bolts on.

    need guards, bonnet, grill, lights, and then the radiator and light supports (behind and bellow)

    I have some photos off it all pulled off from another car so ill try dig them up for you
    Yes, mine had the brown interior. I have a huge roll of taxi stripes left, I don't know how to take it off the roll without wasting the adhesive tho.
    I did have those rims. I sold them to a friend, and then he sold them with his car.:doh:
    He was supposed to sell them back to me before he sold the car. I miss those MSWs.
    Ha ha, now I'm friends with your sister.:-P

    On a more serious note, I really can get you whatever U.S. parts/turbo parts you need.
    Need parts? ;-)

    I'd gladly trade you +T stuff/american-spec stuff for ecodes. I'd also like to get my hands on some RHD parts, and I'm nowhere near a country that would have RHD volvos.
    I swapped a ~275hp b230ft into it. The wastegate actuator hose came off on a freeway onramp at full boost. Rods 3 and 4 came through the block. It honestly could probably be saved, but it needs more bodywork than I want to do, and wagons aren't extremely rare here.
    I'm having a hard time trying to get my photos off of facebook. I'll figure it out soon, I'm sure. I really wish my yellow wagon were in better shape, but it's going to get crushed pretty soon. :(
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