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  • Hey, I found your (older) thread about that great looking red 244. You had mentioned that you were thinking about making a jig to sell adapter brackets to mate newer Volvo seats with 240s. Do you still have it? Are you still interested in/making those brackets? I'm looking to mate 850 seats in my 245, and these would be perfect.
    Thanks in advance.
    sorry if you got all kinds of pms from me its that computer is acting up and when it came back to live it said it send you 3 messages sorry about that.
    hey i wanted you to know i laughed really hard at your comment about the fried chicken crumbs in isaac's 244. if he didnt want to bother with a vacuum why not take a pic of the driver's side instead? you're totally right, his wagon looked horrid, he didnt bother to wash it and the engine bay looked like a chimp wired it.
    There is a set of scorpious wheels on D.C. craigslist if your still looking.
    By the time I get home, 6 pm usually, I'm sure its gone by then....you're not gonna believe it but my wife works, right behind that credit union at Florida Cancer Specialists....weird....anyway...we will definitely have to meet up sometime....so we can go over some volvo stuff, if you're interested....Bob
    My wife works at Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union and Chiquita nad CC Parkway. You may have seen the green 850 parking lot.

    I'm in southwest Cape Coral.....in a neighborhood just off of Cape Coral Pkwy.....almost at the the end of the Pkwy.....Not far, we should definitely meet up....Bob
    Hey, I'm in Cape Coral....Doesn't seem to be a lot of volvo people in our area...I've got a 88 760 turbo with quite a bit of work done....it would be cool to meet up....don't know if you know anyone else in the area....Bob
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