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A = Amp or a Volvo Camshaft or single carburetor
a/c = Air Conditioning
a/f = air fuel ratio
ABDC = After Bottom Dead Center
ABS = Antilock Braking System
acad = auto-cad, a computer aided drafting program
adj = adjustable
afaik = as far as i know
afc = air fuel controller, a piggy-back controller
AFM = Air Flow Meter
AFR = air fuel ratio
al = aluminum
alum = aluminum
aim = AOL Instant Messenger
alt = alternator
aka = also known as
ambac = american bosch
amm = air mass meter
amp = amplifier
APC = Automotive Performance Control, a stock saab version of a ebc
a-pillar = the part that connects to the windshield that support the roof
aq = aquamatic drive
aq131 = a 8v, 2.3 liter, b230f based volvo penta boat engine
aq151 = a 8v, 2.5 liter, b230f based volvo penta boat engine
aq171 = a 16v, 2.5 liter, b230f based volvo penta boat engine
aq-derv = aq drive unit
asap = as soon as possible
ass = assembly, or where the poo-poo comes out
A/T (or AT)= Automatic Transmission
ATDC = After Top Dead Center
ATF = Automatic Transmission Fluid
AW = Aisin Warner, a Japanese Transmission Manufact
AW30-40LE = Aisin Warner 4 speed Automatic Electronic 92+
AW42AWD = Aisin Warner, 4Wheel Drive
AW50-42LE = Aisin Warner 4 speed Automatic Electronic 93+
AW50AWD = Aisin Warner 4 Wheel Drive
AW55 = Aisin Warner 3 speed Automatic 76+
aw70 = Aisin Warner automatic trans, light duty 82+
aw71 = Aisin Warner automatic trans, found in turbos (rwd) 82+
aw72 = Aisin Warner short geared automatic trans, found in 16v models (rwd) 89+