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b = width or benzine engine (aka gas), or dual Carburetor
b21 = early volvo sohc 4 cylinder engine, 2.1 liter
b23 = early 80's, sohc 4 cylinder engine, 2.3 liter
b230f = a non-turbo mid 80's to mid 90's 4 cylinder ohc engine
b230ft = a turbo mid 80's to mid 90's 4 cylinder sohc engine
b234f = a 4 valve per cyl, 4 cyl engine used in 700 series cars, a few 900's
b28 = early prv v6 motor, known for problems
b280 = late prv v6 motor, fixed most of the b28's problems
B7 = (B&) Banned from the board
Banned = blocked from posting
BAP = Barometric Atmosphere Pressure
bar = barometric pressure, 14.7 psi, or were to meet up w/ other t-brickers
batt = battery
BB = Burger Ball, a Californian Gathering Of T-Brickers, or big block or port side
bbs = an aftermarket wheel company
b/c = because
BCP = Big Coolant Passages
BBDC = Before Bottom Dead Center
BDC = Bottom Dead Center
benvit = ivory white
BHP = Brake Horse Power
bla = blue
blk = black
BOV = blow off valve
brb = be right back
brit = a british person, one who resides in the uk, or post whore
brun = brown
bs = a lie
BT = Brown Top Fuel Injectors
BTDC = Before Top Dead Center
Btu = British Thermal Units
btw = by the way
burg = burgandy
BW = Borg Warner, a Transmission, and Replacement parts Manufact
BW35 = Borg Warner Automatic Transmission 3 speed 1968-75
BW55 = Borg Warner Automatic Transmission 3 speed 76+