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C = celcius
CAD = computer aided drafting
can = canada or canadian or Controller Area Network
canuk = a canadian
Cam = Camshaft
carb = carburator, of California Air Resource Board aka smog nazi
CAS = Crank Angle Sensor
cat = catalytic converter
CBV = a recircuating blow of valve
CC = cubic centimeter, or combustion chamber
Cel = celcius, or Check Engine Light
CF= carbon fiber
CFI = central fuel injection, a tbi system generally refering to v8 injectors, approx 52lbs
cfm = cubic feet per minute, a flow rate for air
chk = check
chx = checks
CI = Continuous Injection, aka K-Jet, aka CIS
CID = Cubic Inch Displacement
CIS = constant injection system, early volvo fuel injection system.
CIS-E = Continuous Injection System - Electronic
cir = circle or circular
CO = Carbon Monoxide
CO2 = Carbon Dioxide
cont = controller, or continue
conv = converter, or torque converter
COP = Coil On Plug ignition
CPR = control pressure regulator (see CIS)
CSI = cold start injector
CW = Candlewatts
cyl = Cylinder